We know that coloring pages have many benefits for a child’s development. Parents let children color as soon as possible.

However, as good as breast milk must be used for children properly, coloring too.

We know that an important benefit a child has when completing coloring pictures is to build confidence. However, this only happens when coloring pages are suitable for the child. Besides, the excitement when a child is coloring the picture according to their favorite theme, suitable for gender and age is also a key factor.

For these reasons, “Smart coloring pages” were founded with the desire to organize the world of coloring pages to best suit the child’s age and gender. We want parents to find coloring pages that best suit their children. And through that, we wish to bring the most benefits to the development of children in general and your beloved children in particular.

Your response and the joy of the children is a strong motivation for us to continue to maintain and develop this website.